Cory Wilds Blues Jam @ J&M Cafe

Join us on Tuesday, May 28th at the J&M Cafe for one of the best blues and open mic events in the Seattle area, The Cory Wilds Blues Jam. After the Mariners defeat the Padres come down and celebrate with some good food and great music. It will be a good start to a short week after Memorial Day.

So come on down. Bring some friends. You never know what kind of fun and exciting things are going to happen at the jam. It is always different. All the usuals will be there and who knows what else…

The J&M Cafe is the oldest bar in Seattle. Established in 1889, the J&M Cafe remains a pinnacle in Seattle’s long and exciting history. Located at Washington and 1st Avenue in the heart of Pioneer Square, the J&M Cafe still stands…

Cory Wilds Blues Jam

J&M Cafe in Seattle’s Pioneer Square


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